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Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology Research Center, - Welding technology, automation, test and measurement, anti-corrosion, environment/energy, - A researcher at work and an automation research in progress

Welding Technology Research

  • Development and applications of welding technologies
  • Establishment of welding procedure specification (WPS) and welding procedure qualification tests (WPQT)
  • Development of small welding device application technology
  • Development of welding machine and auxiliary equipment application technology
  • Review steel specifications and evaluation of weldability
  • Research and review of welding material specifications and application
  • Development of welding deformation control and correction technology
  • Welding pre and post heating treatment technology support

Automation Research

  • Research and development of automation processes and equipment layouts
  • Research and development of automation equipment/facility/system
  • Research and development of HSE/energy equipment/process
  • Research for robotic system applications
  • Research for new robot projects
  • Robot system up-grade and software maintenance
  • Development of LCA equipment -- low cost automation equipment and jigs
  • Research for the solutions for equipment/facility/system related technical challenges

Test and Measurement Research

  • Research for measuring technology
    • - development of measuring technology and devices for production process innovation
    • - development of precision management technology and pre-outfitting technology
    • - evaluation of new measurement device performance and research for field applications of measurement technology
  • Management of test equipment and measurement assets
  • Management of measuring equipment calibration
    • - operation of the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration institute
    • - supply, calibration and repair of measuring equipment and management of calibration records
  • Precision measurement
    • - project weighing
    • - structure stress and deformation measurement
  • Sea trial measurements
    • - engine horse power, vibration and reaction force of shafting
    • - speed and maneuverability test and auxiliary device measurement
  • Test analysis
    • - operation of the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test institute
    • - research for safety & health/work environment and development of relative devices
    • - research for pollution reduction technology
    • - tests of metal mechanics, analysis of component/structure/fracture
    • - mechanical properties test of raw material (oil and chemical products)
    • - environment self-testing (air and water quality)

Anti-corrosion Research

  • Development of high-performance and high quality coating materials and mechanical properties evaluation technology
  • Standardization through development and optimization of coating technologies
  • Analysis of coating or paint failure for improvement
  • Development of optimal anti-corrosive design and technology
  • Development of new materials and high polymeric material application technology for shipbuilding
  • Development of the technical solutions for painting/anti-corrosion/high polymer related challenges
  • Research for coating equipment & processes

Environment · Energy Research

  • Development of material cold working process and equipment
  • Research for material heat treatment and cold working simulation technology
  • Advanced research for new business and product production technology
  • Technical and development support for subsidiaries
  • Research for environmental friendliness and energy conservation