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Central Research Institute

Central Research Institute, -  Ship & Marine Research Team, Energy System Research Team, New Business Research Team, Information Technology Team,	- Research products and the Central Research Institute's products on the sea

Ship & Marine Research Team

Hull Form
  • Development of hull forms for commercial ships and offshore projects
  • Development of ship propulsion system
  • Development of auxiliary equipment
  • Development of hydrodynamic performance analysis & evaluation technology using a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Marketing and customer support
  • Seakeeping
  • Position Keeping
  • Sloshing
  • Maneuvering
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Offshore project designing
  • Development of generic arctic technology
  • Development of new technologies/products
  • Research on enhancing structure engineering capacity
  • Research on evaluating structure strength
  • Research on evaluating fatigue strength
  • Research on structure safety based on a degree of risk
  • Research on evaluating composite materials structure (added)
  • Research on evaluating underwater explosion-related structure (added)
  • Research on evaluating moorage structure (added)
  • Research on structure safety based on tests
  • Research on evaluating structure safety for improving sales
Vibration and Noise
  • Analysis of vibration and noise of ships, offshore plants, and specialty vessels
  • Development of vibration and noise reduction devices and element technology
  • Development of soundproof and anti-vibration design technology
  • Analysis of underwater radiated noise and explosions
  • Development of low-vibration and low-noise design technology for ships, offshore plants, and specialty vessels
  • Analysis and development of HVAC System design technology
  • Development of basic design technology for mechanical/electrical/instrumentation/control for ships and offshore plants
  • Development of an integrated automation system (IAS, ICSS) for ships and offshore plants
  • Development of OTS/HILS for ships and offshore plants
  • Development of I&I (Integration & Interface) engineering and commissioning technology for offshore plant project
  • Development of dynamic simulation technology
  • Development of power system analysis technology
  • Development of warfare technology for special vessels

Energy System Research Team

Gas Technology
  • Development and commercialization of gas value chain-related technology
  • Design, analysis, and performance evaluation of gas storage tank (LNG, etc.)
  • Research on evaluating performance and application of cryogenic materials (structural and isolating materials)
  • Development of LNG element equipment and plumbing process-related technology
  • Research and development of system engineering for process, thermal/fluid, and cryogenic field
  • Technical support for ship/offshore plant-related projects (LNGC, FSRU, LNG FPSO, etc.)
Offshore Plant
  • Research on offshore plants
  • Research on oil fixed platform/FPSO plants
  • Research on LNG FPSO
  • Research on generation plants
  • Research on a new concept FPSO
  • Research on applied products for each renewable/clean energy technology
  • Research on HSE-related laws/regulations for offshore plant projects
  • Research on quantitative risk assessment (QRA) for major accidents in offshore plant projects
  • Research on modeling and simulation technologies for evaluating risk
  • Research on system reliability evaluation, worker's safety, and working environment
  • Technical consultation and support for each HSE task in offshore plant projects

Industrial Technology Research Center

Welding Technology
  • Development of welding techniques and devices
  • Research on materials and processing technologies
  • Research on welding strength and modification control
  • Establishment of project welding procedure specification (WPS)
  • Research and development of the layout for automated process and facilities
  • Research and development of automation equipment/facilities/system
  • Research and development of HSE/energy-related devices and process
  • Research on the application of robot system into the field
  • Research and development of a new industry robot project
  • Maintenance of up-grade and S/W parts of robot system
  • Development of LCA devices – temporary automation devices, fixtures
  • Improvement of equipment/facilities/system-related unpopular, difficult technologies with workers
Test and Measurement
  • Research on 3D shape measurement and measurement automation technology
  • Research on measurement/degree process, and system development
  • Performance evaluation of a new measurement system, and research on application technology
  • Operation of ISO/IEC 17025-certified correction/test institute (KOLAS)
  • Research on technologies for safety and health/working environment/environmental pollution reduction
  • Test analysis (dynamic/chemical test), and self-measurement of environment (air/water quality)
  • Weight measurement of marine structures, and measurement of the stress/modification of the structures
  • Management of assets such as test equipment and meters
  • Development of high-performance/high-quality paint
  • Development of painting technology, and optimization research
  • Problem analysis and research for improving the quality of paint and painting
  • Development of optimized design technology
  • Development of application technologies for new materials and high molecule materials for shipbuilding
  • Improvement of paint/anti-corrosion/high molecule-related difficult technologies for workers
Production Environment Technology
  • Development of energy reduction equipment and system
  • Development of enegy management system (EMS) for plants/buildings
  • Improvement of production environment and workers' health
  • Support for company-wide energy reduction
  • Development of production-supporting application technology for welding/painting/field robots
  • Development of wearable robots that enhance human strength
  • Research and development of robots for offshore platforms and subsea fields
  • Development of application technology for highly intelligent sensors
  • Development of key control/communications technology for robotic automation
Industry Technology Planning
  • Team research development strategy/planning/compilation and administration of budget
  • Development of performance measurement index, and evaluation management
  • Production of pilot products, and skill instruction for applying research results into the field
  • Management of labs/buildings/facilities/working environment/technology security within a yard

Information Technology Team

ICT Planning
  • Development of CMMS
  • Development of short-distant communications equipment for LTE-based trial voyage on the sea
  • Establishment of a mobile environment
  • Establishment of an energy management system
Design System Research
  • Development and application of an integrated design system for ships/offshore plants/specialty vessels
  • Research on improving design capability and reducing design time
  • Design process innovation and establishment of integrated database
  • Provision of design systems for overseas branches and subsidiaries
  • Management of information on shipbuilding/offshore plants
  • Development of conversion technology between different CADs
  • Research on an integrated engineering system
Production System
  • Establishment and operation of an integrated planning system
  • Establishment and operation of an distribution management and monitoring systems
  • Establishment and operation of a GIS-based distribution information management system
  • Revamping of the materials management system
  • Establishment and operation of an integrated production management system
  • Establishment and operation of an integrated process management system
  • Establishment of a production CAD-centered task system
  • Improvement of the quantity and weight management system
  • Establishment and operation of an estimate system for each field
  • Establishment and operation of an procurement support system
  • Establishment and operation of an integrated design information management system
  • Establishment and operation of an integrated design management system
System Integration
  • Establishment of System Integration (SI) system
  • Development of Digital Mock-Up (DMU)
  • Development of pre-verification system for installation jobs on the sea
  • Development of process visualization system
  • Research on integrated offshore remote control system

Special Performance Research

Special Performance Research 1
  • Localization development of key systems in special performance products
  • Research and development of strategic materials for shipbuilding/offshore plant
  • Planning and development of innovative products
  • Research and development of arms and combat system
  • Establishment of policies and strategies for a central research institute
Special Performance Research 2
  • Research and development of ship, offshore, new business, and IT convergence products and services
  • Development of modeling & simulation (M&S) based technologies and products
  • Research and development of core process innovation information system (e.g., PLM, Smart-CAD)
  • Establishment of a Smart Design/Production of the IT environment
  • Search and execution of national IT convergence projects for the shipbuilding industry
Special Performance Research 3
  • Offshore geotechnical engineering
  • Development of subsea-topside interface technology
  • Research and development of equipment operating underwater
  • Development of subsea production system and technology
  • Development of evaluation technology for subsea flow assurance
  • Development of design and installation technologies for risers and subsea pipelines
  • Development of drilling system engineering technology
  • Development of a new concept submarine structure