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Topics and Achievements

A Leading Research Center for Korea's Shipbuilding and Marine Technology

DSME operates a R&D Center for product design and production technologies and other fundamental technologies related to shipbuilding and offshore construction. About 300 outstanding researchers at the R&D Center have successfully developed various new technologies such as DSME's unique design system, integrated analysis system,
DSME operates a research institute for product design and production technologies and other fundamental technologies related to shipbuilding, offshore, plant and energy businesses.

A researcher and a welding robot

About 400 outstanding researchers at the research institute have successfully developed various new technologies such as DSME's unique design system, integrated analysis system, mini welding robots, small controllers, and modular plants, thereby contributing to the advancement in the technology of the Korean shipbuilding and offshore construction industry.

The research Institute has two separate research labs: a comprehensive test lab dedicated for development and research of welding technology and test of related devices, and a test & measurement lab for HSE related research and various measurements. In the areas of precision measurement and testing/analysis, its outstanding research capabilities and reputation made the research institute the only internationally certified test institute in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 among the shipbuilders in Korea. As a leader of the Korean shipbuilding technology, it has also received several technology awards from prestigious academic institutes and the government.

  • Research & Development table
    Hull Form

    Development and design of hull forms for commercial ships and offshore vessels, development and performance analysis of propulsion devices,
    development and testing prototypes of auxiliary devices, and development of hydrodynamic performance analysis & evaluation technology using a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

    Hydrodynamics Development of seaworthiness component technology, development of sloshing test and analysis technology, development and evaluation of control device performance, analysis and system development of positioning capability, and hydrodynamics analysis using a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    Structure Development of structural element technology, development and application of ship/offshore structure strength analysis technology, development of fatigue analysis technology, development of offshore structure and complex structure design technology, and development of diagnosis and control technology for structural deformation , development of composite materials application technology
    Vibration and Noise Analysis of vibration and noise of ships, offshore plants, and specialty vessels; development of low-vibration and low-noise design technology; development of vibration and noise reduction devices and element technology; analysis of underwater radiated noise and explosions; analysis and development of HVAC system design technology
    Mechatronics Development of basic design technology for mechanical/electrical/instrumentation/control for ships and offshore plants; development of an integrated automation system (IAS, ICSS); development of OTS/HILS; development of power system analysis technology; development of Integration & Interface engineering technology; development of electronic warfare technology for special vessels
    Gas Technology Development of gas value chain-related technology; development of design and analysis technology for gas storage tank; development of performance analysis and application technology for cryogenic materials; development of LNG element equipment and plumbing process-related technology; development of system engineering technology for process, thermal-fluid, and cryogenic field
    Development of Offshore Plants Development of process engineering technology for oil and gas fields; development of topside and subsea related process (MEG) engineering technology; development of the process concept of floating generation plants/basic design technology; development of GTL FPSO conceptual design technology; development of conceptual design technology for vessels' fuel cells
    HSEQ Analysis and application research for HSEQ (health, safety, environment, and quality)-related laws/technologies; research on key technologies for the safe design of marine structures; research on technologies for workers' safety and better working environment; technology for quantitatively evaluating risk, and modeling of risk evaluation; research on simulation technology; research on safety improvement technology considering human engineering
    Welding Technology Arctic welding technology; plumbing welding technology; thick plate welding technology; thin plate welding technology; highly efficient welding technology; high energy welding technology; technology for analyzing and evaluating materials; technology for evaluating low temperature toughness/rupture test; technology for evaluating welding materials; corrosion/heat treatment technology; steel processing technology; technology for welding health and safety; technology for analyzing residual stress; technology for analyzing and controlling welding modification; technology for evaluating fatigue strength for welded areas; technology for welding mechanization/automation; welding equipment-related technology; welding tool-related technology; welding fixture/consumables-related technology
    Automation Development and field application of automation-related devices/facilities/systems; research on automation process and facilities layout; research on application of robot system into the field; research on next-generation automation system and robots; research and development of marine robot system; step-by-step localization of the automation equipment for marine materials and parts; development of temporary automation devices and LCA/fixture; improvement of unpopular, difficult technologies with workers
    Test and Measurement Research on 3D shape measurement and measurement automation technology; research on measurement/degree process, and system development; performance evaluation of a new measurement system, and research on application technology; operation of ISO/IEC 17025-certified correction/test institute (KOLAS); research on technologies for safety and health/working environment/environmental pollution reduction; test analysis (dynamic/chemical test), and self-measurement of environment (air/water quality); weight measurement of marine structures, and measurement of the stress/modification of the structures; management of assets such as test equipment and meters
    Anti-corrosion Development of high-performance/high-quality paint, and development of evaluating a property of matter; development of painting technology, and optimization research; development of optimized design technology; development of application technologies for new materials and high molecule materials for shipbuilding; improvement of paint/anti-corrosion/high molecule-related difficult technologies for workers
    Production Environment Technology Development of energy reduction equipment and system; improvement of production environment and workers' health; support for company-wide energy reduction
    Robotics Development of intelligent robots supporting the production of shipbuilding and offshore plants; development of robotic automation for offshore platform robotics and subsea fields; development of robot-based technology and commercialization technology
    Industry Technology Planning Team research development strategy/planning/compilation and administration of budget; development of performance measurement index, and evaluation management; production of pilot products, and skill instruction for applying research results into the field; management of labs/buildings/facilities/working environment/technology security within a yard
    ICT Technology Establishment of digitalization policy/strategy; instruction and research of a new IT technology; planning and management of integrated communication/broadcast/video system; operational planning of group IT Infra; promotion of green IT and smart work

    Design System Technology

    Development of an integrated design system for shipbuilding/offshore/specialty vessels; design process innovation and establishment of integrated database; research on design time reduction; management of information on shipbuilding/offshore plants; development of conversion technology between different CADs; research on an integrated engineering system

    Production System Technology

    Development of an integrated production planning/management system, and research on advanced technology; research on methodology for interconnecting information between estimate/planning/design/process/distribution; support/development/upkeep of CAD use in production fields; establishment and interconnection of distribution/process management system; establishment of estimate management system and process; enhanced application of latest IT technologies into the field; enhanced technology for collecting, managing, and utilizing information through data mining, etc.

    System Integration

    System Integration (ISDS/ISQM)-based research; research on lightweight model-based design/production collaboration system; research on shipbuilding/offshore plant system, integrating IT convergence technologies; research on AR-based simulation application technology; development of commissioning technology

    Special Performance and Innovative Products

    Localization development of key system/materials to the defense industry; research and development of weapons and combat system; research and development of sonar system; research and development of an integrated combat system; research and development of equipment operating underwater; localization of strategic materials for shipbuilding/offshore plant; planning and development of innovative products; establishment of policies and strategies for a central research institute

    IT Convergence

    Development modeling & simulation design technology and products, research and development of process innovation and information system, establishment of Smart Design/Production of the IT environment, and search and execution of national IT convergence projects for the shipbuilding industry


    Development of subsea production system and technology, development of technology for subsea flow assurance evaluations, development of drilling system engineering technology, development of new concepts for offshore structures, support for subsea resource development businesses