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Volunteer Programs

Major Activities of DSME Volunteer Corp

Support the salvage operation of the Cheonan ship

The floating crane ‘Daewoo 3600’, the largest floating crane in Korea, has played a pivotal role in the salvage operation of the wrecked Cheonan ship. In March 2010, 'Daewoo 3600’ rushed to the scene of Baengnyeong Island at an average speed of 4 node per hour (about 7.4Km/h) upon the request of the republic of South Korea navy along with DSME's anchor handling boat and 35 employees. 'Daewoo 3600’ is used mainly for production but DSME was willing to help out the salvage operation at a time of national emergency.

The offshore crane 'Daewoo 3600'

The members from the Patriots and Veterans Affair Association who watched the 'Daewoo 3600' successfully salved the sunken ship visited DSME later to praise the efforts of Daewoo specialists who participated in the salvage operation. When the news of DSME's involvement of the Cheonan ship salvage was spread through mass media, many Netizens also posted praises and thanks notes on the DSME home page.

Volunteer for the cleanup operations of Maemul Island oil spill

In August 2010, DSME employees volunteered to help out local villagers to clean up the contaminated seashores due to an oil spill near Maeul Island. Over 200 employees eagerly participated in the cleanup operation, and DSME donated absorbent materials, protective clothing, gas masks, rubber gloves and employee meals.

Support the Association of Korean Student Volunteer Soldiers

Volunteering for solitary senior citizens who were former Korean Student Volunteer SoldiersDSME engaged in an aid project to support solitary senior citizens who were former Korean student volunteer soldiers. Last November, DSME set up a sisterhood relationship with the Association of Korean Student Volunteer Soldiers to support its solitary senior citizens and 100 low-income families. As a part of aid activities, DSME has donated rice, electric pads, NH gift certificates to help them warm in the cold winter and also continuously provided various events and support services.

Joint labor and management donation for the needy

Delivering the donation from a year-end collection for the underprivileged to Geoje city hallEmployees and executives of DSME collected 160 million won for needy neighbors and donated the collected money to the Geoje city government in January 2011. 8,700 employees, which is over 70% of the total employees, and executives participated in this charity event in unison. DSME buys more than 3 billion won worth of local farm produces for employee meals every year, which contributes significantly to the local economy and protect the local business districts.

Donate computers to welfare facilities

DSME service group distributed and installed computers in social welfare facilities and for child heads of the households. DSME service group members cleaned up and upgraded old computers and provided them to social welfare facilities like Sungjiwon and Sungrowon and to child heads of the households.

Repair old houses

A total of 15 members from the Shared Technology Service Group (a DSME volunteer service group), the simulation and test engineering group and the submarine design group helped to repair the houses of local solitary senior citizens. After the renovation, DSME service group had a pleasant time with senior citizens while serving lunch boxes, roasted pork, Makgeoli (Korean traditional rice wine) and other food. Some members who earned massage certificates gave massage therapy sessions for the elderly to lessen their fatigue and pains.

Provide community services to celebrate the national family month

A Smiling day event held by the DMSE Volunteer Corps for child heads of the householdsAs national family month is celebrated in May, the DSME volunteer corps has engaged various social service activities to send its appreciation and love to the local residents. A short trip to the Gokseong train village in Jeollanamdo was provided to 65 solitary senior citizens and the ‘Smiling Day’ event was held for 35 child bread-earners by providing warm hearty meals and fun movies. DSME was also involved in putting anti-slip tapes on the steps of the Okpo Community Center and provided 17 bags of rice to restaurants for the senior citizens. The Hope Volunteer Group consisted of wives of DSME employees held a very meaningful event to pin carnation corsages to the breasts of solitary senior citizens to celebrate the parents' day.

Provide a famine camp to DSME employees' children

The famine experience camp with employees' childrenIn August 2010, DSME organized a Famine Camp for 70 children of employees during summer vacation to experience starvation and suffering of poor children. This camp was intended to help Korean children to grow up as true global leaders with the right mind and right values by experiencing the suffering of children in the extremely poor countries who struggle with starvation.

Help out colleagues

The 80 employees of DSME partners donated their blood for a colleague's wife suffering with acute leukemia. Furthermore, they chipped in some money to help the colleague get out of a difficult financial situation caused by high medical expenses.