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DSME Volunteer Corps



In 1993, DSME established a volunteer group headed by the management as part of a management innovation program called ´Hope 90s´ and provided community services to local communities by assisting underprivileged locals, participating in environmental clean-up, volunteering at welfare facilities and homes for solitary senior citizens, and donating school gym equipment. Also, many other volunteer groups including the Volunteer Support Group for Children with Leukemia and Cancer were formed to volunteer in various areas in the society. DSME Volunteer Corp was officially created on 5/9/2003 to provide more systematic and organized community services. .

Taean oil clean-up volunteers


The Office of DSME Volunteer Corp which consists of the COO as its chairman, HR & Administration manager as the vice chairman, and the Corporate Culture Group promotes and administers company-wide public service programs. The office has been enthusiastically supporting various volunteer groups and their activities of the company employees.

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Activity Status

Three major areas that DSME Volunteer Corp is actively involved in are: social welfare, environmental preservation, and social & local community development.
The social welfare activities include supporting children with Leukemia and cancer. The social & local community development area has been engaged with supporting local welfare organizations, the underprivileged, and school gym equipment donations. Moreover, the environmental protection activities and ocean clean-up campaigns are some of the projects that have been pursued by the environmental preservation unit of the service group. Currently, the group operates 5 main volunteer groups that are called the Volunteers' Group, Sound of New Buds Group, and True Love Welfare Group, Shared Technology Service Group, and Hope Volunteer Group (consists of wives of employees). In addition, the company is supporting over a thousand community service related groups, and 12 volunteer community service groups as a way to assist the local community in any way possible.
We have over 6,000 employees who are currently registered for the 5 volunteer groups above.

Volunteer Corps Information

  • Underwater Volunteer Group Underwater Volunteer Group

    : Byung-Tae Yoon (in charge of 3 committees)
    No. of Members
    : 57 (57)
    • Quarterly Underwater Cleaning Program (including on the Sea Day)
  • Volunteer Corps Volunteer Corps

    : In-Jae Yoo
    : yung-Ik Cho
    No. of Members
    : 2,681
    • Helping the disabled
    • Birthday parties for the senior citizens
  • Sound of New Buds Group Sound of New Buds Group

    : Seo-Joong Kang
    : Jong-Jin Lim
    No. of Members
    : 1,352(25)
    • Sponsoring children with leukemia
    • New Life Sea Festival
  • True Love Welfare Group True Love Welfare Group

    : Seung-Gu Lee
    : Ki-Suk Ko
    No. of Members
    : 939 (15)
    • Bathing the disabled and organizing get-together events
  • Executive Office Executive Office

    Executive Office
    (Corporate Culture Group)
    : Jae-Won Lee
    Executive Secretary
    : Woo-Chul Shin
    • Emergency disaster relief activities (Cheonan ship salvage operation), oil cleanup work (local seashore recovery)
    • Support the Association of Korean Volunteer Student Soldiers (solitary seniors) , experience famine, helping with shortage of workers in the farming villages
    • Environmental cleanup activities, outstanding community service award
  • Sharing TechnologyService Group Sharing TechnologyService Group

    : Jong-Un Won
    : Shi-Rae Ju
    No. of Members
    : 78 (50)
    • House renovation for the senior citizens
    • Foot massage service
  • Hope Volunteer Group Hope Volunteer Group

    : Ok-Ja Kim
    : Bok-Soon Lee
    No. of Members
    : 47 (47)
    • Bathing service for the senior citizens
    • Free lunch service for the welfare facilities

2010 Community Volunteer Service and Support Activities

2010 Community Volunteer Service and Support Activities
Title Main Activities
Emergency Disaster/Disaster Relief operations 1. The floating crane Daewoo 3600 was used for salvage operation of a wrecked Cheonan ship.
- From April 4th to the 30th, 2010, the floating crane Daewoo 3600 rushed to Baenyung Island for the salvage operation of a sunken Cheonan ship.
2. DSME employees volunteered to clean up the contaminated shorelines caused by oil an spill near Dongyoung Maemul island.
- DSME employees participated in large clean-up operation for the coastlines from August 14 to 22, 2010 to proactively prevent further pollution and oil spread.
Volunteer Services for Local Residents 1. Volunteer for various public service activities
- A total 18,401 employees and executives participated for 31,343 hours.
- Provide daily necessaries to solitary senior citizens, children from low-income families and physically challenged children. Repair old houses of senior citizens and physically challenged children, serve meals to the homeless, bathe old senior citizens or the disabled, participate in environmental cleanup activities and tuition assistance.
2. Public service program activities
- April: Create carnation corsages to send love and appreciation to the senior citizens who live alone
- May: Volunteer to help farmers during the busy season (onion harvest)
- June: Volunteer to help farmers during the busy season (garlic harvest)
- July: Volunteer to clean up beach areas with family members (total 79 families and 250 participants cleaned up the Juklim beach.)
- August: Participate in the famine camp with employees' children (the camp was held in Nognso training institute and 70 students from grade 4~6 participated the camp.)
- November: Make Kimchi (Korean traditional preserved food) with shipowners and crewmen and provided 400 heads of Kimchi to social welfare facilities.
3. Promote community volunteering
- Present awards to outstanding social service activities for each sector (individual, groups, subsidiaries, clubs, etc) at the end of each year.
Boost the local economy 1. Support 64 cases of public welfare services on the Citizen's day and others.
2. Support and sponsor 19 cases including the payment of the Chamber of Commerce & industry Engaged 18 cases including the 'To the Ocean and to the World' event
3. Donate Love Geoje gift certificate to boost the local economy for lunar new year's day and full moon harvest days
Charity Activities 1.Employee and executive donation
-Donate money to the local social welfare facilities periodically: Total number: 26,826 participants: Recipient facilities: Aekwangwon, Sungjiwon, Sungrowon, the House of Love, the House of Dandelion, Solhyang, Siloam, Bethes, etc.
- DSME labor and management union has made donations for 10 years and knowledge management K-point.
2.Company donation
- Make regular donations to the Association of Korean Student Volunteer Soldiers: Donate quarterly living expenses, rice and seasonal goods to the solitary senior citizens and 100 low-income families
3.Donation of shipowners
- March: Present the second safety award money to Odfjell company, and provide daily necessities and replace the furniture of the Geoje child welfare center, "Sungjiwon.”
- September: Present the third safety award money to the Odfjell company and provide daily necessities to the 7 child welfare centers.
- November: Present award money for safe shipbuilding of Odebrecht company and supply daily necessities
4. Complete the second project to build the national DSME Hope village on Sorok island
- Build rest areas, carry out landscaping works and demolish the ruined wards