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Mobile Whistle-blowing

Text message: for whistle-blowing, press #9911

Everybody can report any inappropriate
activities that can occur inside and
outside of the company in the ordinary
course of business using
a mobile phone

Mobile Whistle-blowing

  • The number is #9911
  • Text, photo,image, video, or sound files may be used.
  • However, false reporting for the purpose of slander others or reporting of one's private matters not related to the company will not be processed.
  • anyone who uses other’s mobile phone number without permission is subject to legal penalty

How to report

  • It is the same as you send out text messages from your mobile phone

    1. Type in #9911 as the recipient

    2. Type a message in the message window and attach photo/video files if there is any.

    3. Send

    4. Receive a report number. (The report number is automatically sent to you. You can check the status of your report using this number.)

※ Other information on the reward for whistleblowers and a method of protection are the same as Online Whistle-blowing view the detail. Detailed view