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Whistle-blower Rewards & Protection

Information on the
self-reporting system

  • Self-report of unethical conduct
  • The identity of the reporter and the provided information are protected under the whistleblower protection act.
  • The applicable disciplinary actions may be reduced or exempted.
    (No monetary reward is provided.)

Applicable Activities

  • Accepting inappropriate bribes, entertainment, or favors from stakeholders
  • Taking advantage of his/her job position to gain profit or causing damage to the company
  • Interfering with other employee's work to benefit oneself or others
  • Disclosing company's confidential information and customer information without permission
  • Collusion among stakeholders such as bid rigging to close a deal
  • Retaliation against whistle-blowers by exposing the identity or unfair treatments
  • Other activities in violation of code of ethics, employee code of conduct, and laws
  • Breach of mutual growth agreements and fair transaction agreements with subcontractors

    - Report corrupt or unfair business activities of subcontractors

How to File a Report

  • Although anonymous reporting is allowed under certain circumstances, using a real name is recommended.
  • If a report is submitted anonymously, it should be explicitly stated with evidence to be under investigation.
  • A report must not be intentionally made for a false accusation to defame or slander others.

Whistle-blower Rewards

  • Reward up to 50 million won for reporting acceptance of a bribe, entertainment, or favors
  • Reward up to 500 million won for a report resulted in increasing profit or reducing loss to the company.
  • Please refer to 'Whistle-blowing System' for more information on rewards and calculation methods.

Protection of Whistle-blower

  • The identity of whistle-blowers and the report shall be kept in confidence
  • Exposing identity or tracking down is prohibited (violators are subject to disciplinary action)
  • Retaliation against the whistle-blower or unfair treatment is prohibited (violators are subject to disciplinary action)

Other Report Channels

  • Phone │ 055-735-9091~6
  • FAX │ 055-735-1277
  • Mail │ 1 Aju-dong, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, DSME. Audit & Assurance Service Team Audit & Assurance Service Group 2
  • Reports can also be filed at different locations by different methods upon request.

DSME Anti-Corruption 3 Principles

: These principles apply to all employees and board members

1. Zero Tolerance to Corrupt Practice

The company and its employees reject all types of corrupt behavior.

2. Engagement of Leaders in Anti-Corruption Campaign

All leaders should influence their subordinates' ethical behavior and create an ethical environment in their respective organizations.

3. No Leniency for Corruptors

The company will never tolerate an employee or a partner company who are engaged in corrupt practices.