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Ethics Pledge

  • Yearly online ethics pledge signing is to remind all employees of Code of Ethics.

Ethics Counseling

  • Window to ask trained counselors for ethic dilemma questions and get answers.
  • Various methods such as visit, phone, mail, fax and e-mail are available.
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Whistleblower System

  • The system is designed to set standards for reporting and processing unethical conducts and to protect and reward the 'whistle-blowers'.
  • It is a base for recognizing and correcting problems and preventing ethical disasters in advance.
  • eventually leading to a more mature internal reporting culture.

Unethical Risk Map

  • It defines types of possible unethical conducts of each organization and evaluates the likelihood and its impact.
  • It is intended to increase management abilities of each organization handling unethical risks.

Voluntary ethical practice initiative

  • Promote an attitude and behavior change of individuals and organizations through voluntary audits on a regular basis
    (Through voluntary audit checklist)
  • Prevent the ethical risks by identifying and improving a process vulnerable to unethical practices (ethical challenge tasks)
  • Encourage enterprise-wide participation (all organizations, all directors and employees)
  • Apply levels of participation to performance evaluations by individual and organization

1. Checklist for voluntary audits

  • Monitor each individual's attitude and behavior voluntarily against work ethics on a monthly regular basis
  • Audit work processes voluntarily for any vulnerability or unethical factor on a monthly regular basis

2. Activities for addressing ethical challenge tasks

  • Select ethical challenge tasks for improvement by prioritizing ethical issues that are identified at each organization
  • Remove and prevent any ethical risks through continuous cooperation to address the challenges

DSME work ethics index survey

  • Measure the level of work ethics of DSME employees and partner employees
  • Use the data for improving the enterprise-wide level of ethics and encourage voluntary improvement efforts by providing the feedback to each organization- Create a ripple effect for employees and partners in the process through the company's commitment and expectations to ethical management

Evaluate the level of practice on DSME ethical management System·Program

Everybody is welcome to participate

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DSME Anti-Corruption 3 Principles

: These principles apply to all employees and board members

1. Zero Tolerance to Corrupt Practice

The company and its employees reject all types of corrupt behavior.

2. Engagement of Leaders in Anti-Corruption Campaign

All leaders should influence their subordinates' ethical behavior and create an ethical environment in their respective organizations.

3. No Leniency for Corruptors

The company will never tolerate an employee or a partner company who are engaged in corrupt practices.