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By positioning ethics as the priority value and building a infrastructure that includes organization, system and educational/promotional programs, we strive to become an ethical corporation while adapting to the internal and external environmental changes

Ethical Management System(3C)

  • Code of Conduct
    Set Common Ethical Standards for Employees
    • Code of Ethics
    • Code of Ethics Implementation Guidelines
  • Compliance Check Organization
    Establish an organization and a system to practice ethical management
    • Corporate Auditing & Consulting Team and Ethics
      & Compliance Group
    • Ethics counseling office
    • Whistleblower system
    • Self-reporting system
    • Ethics pledge
    • Ethics & Compliance articles in partner contracts
  • Consensus by
    Ethics education
    Building consensus among employees and stakeholders on practicing ethical management
    • Training & PR
    • Ethics conference
    • Campaign
    • Integrated ethics management for all subsidiaries
    • Ethics management support for subcontractors and suppliers

DSME Ethical

Ethical Management Organization

Ethical Management Organization

DSME Anti-Corruption 3 Principles

: These principles apply to all employees and board members

1. Zero Tolerance to Corrupt Practice

The company and its employees reject all types of corrupt behavior.

2. Engagement of Leaders in Anti-Corruption Campaign

All leaders should influence their subordinates' ethical behavior and create an ethical environment in their respective organizations.

3. No Leniency for Corruptors

The company will never tolerate an employee or a partner company who are engaged in corrupt practices.