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By positioning ethics as the priority value and building a infrastructure that includes organization, system and educational/promotional programs, we strive to become an ethical corporation while adapting to the internal and external environmental changes

Ethical Management System(3C)

  • Code of Conduct
    Set Common Ethical Standards for Employees
    • Code of Ethics
    • Code of Ethics Implementation Guidelines
    • Guide-book
  • Compliance Check Organization
    Establish an organization and a system to practice ethical management
    • Corporate Ethics Team
    • Ethics Counseling Center
    • Whistle-Blowing System
    • Ethics Pledge
    • Ethical Obligation Agreement System
  • Consensus by
    Ethics education
    Build consensus among the employees about ethical practices
    • Education/PR
    • Ethics Conference
    • Campaign
    • Ethical Management for the subsidiaries
    • Ethical management for the subcontractors

DSME Ethical

Ethical Management Organization

Audit Committee

Audit Team

Ethics Planning Group

Establish/operate the ethical management system

  • Creation of policies, standards and systems
  • Education, PR
  • Measurement of performance and index
  • Support for subsidiaries/subcontractors
Audit Group 1

Diagnose and improve work

  • Audit planning
  • General audit
  • Special audit
  • Execution inspection
Audit Group 2

Investigate and prevent corrupt activities

  • Planning of anti-corruption activities
  • Tip-off investigation
  • Special investigation
  • Operation of online report channel
Audit Group 3

Offer management diagnosis to subsidiaries

  • Management diagnosis for subsidiaries
  • Guidance for self-diagnosis
  • Corruption investigation for subsidiaries
  • Joint response to the risks of subsidiaries