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DSME Board of Directors List
Name Date of Birth Date of Appointment Appointment End Date Profile Position Remark
Jaeho Ko 1955.12.10 2012.03.30 2015.03.29 Korea University
Business Director
CEO&President Covered by an indemnity insurance policy of
KRW 30 billion
per accident
Gap-Jung Kim 1955.09.20 2012.03.30 2015.03.29 Korea University
(Former) Korea Development Bank
Financial Management Director
Inside Director&Finance Director
Yeong-Min Kwon 1959.09.11 2012.03.30 2015.03.29 Korea University
(Current) Korea Development Bank
Manager of Corporate Banking Department IV
Non-Executive Director
Gyeong-Taek Han 1955.09.10 2012.03.30 2014.03.29 Seoul National University
(Current) Seoul National University of
Science &Technology, Visiting Professor
Outside Director&Inspection Commissioner
Sang-Gon Ko 1953.11.23 2013.03.22 2015.03.21 Howon University
(Current) KoreaPublic RelationsAssociation, Auditor
Outside Director&Inspection Commissioner
Gwang-Sik Shin 1954.02.02 2013.03.22 2015.03.21 Yonsei University
(Current) Korea DeveIopment
Institute, Visiting Researcher
Outside Director&Inspection Commissioner
Jeon-Hyeok Jo 1960.07.14 2013.03.22 2015.03.21 Korea University
(Current) Incheon University,
Economics Professor
Outside Director&Inspection Commissioner
Sang-Geun Lee 1969.10.21 2013.03.22 2015.03.21 Sogang University
(Current) Sogang University,
Business Administration Professor
Outside Director&Inspection Commissioner