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Strategic Partner for Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering

DSME has acquired shares of other shipbuilding and marine engineering related companies as a stepping stone to the growth of the company. Two examples of such strategic partnerships are with the Korea Marine Finance Corporation who offers shipbuilding funds for the first time in Korea and with Doosan Engineering who supplies engines for large vessels.

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Korea Marine Finance Corporation

Korea Marine Finance Corporation

Korea Marine Finance Corporation (KOMARF) is a ship investment company established with capital accumulated by organizations or individual investors (similar to a mutual fund) led by DSME. KOMARF contributes to the local shipbuilding industry by way of building or purchasing a vessel with the capital from the investors and debt financing from financial institutions to lease to a shipping company and returning the proceeds to the investors.

Korea Marine Finance Corporation Company Info
Date of Establishment Feb. 7, 2003 Capital KRW 8.5 billion
Address 709, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Contact Numbers TEL: (02) 3210-3080~9 | FAX: (02) 3210-0100
Major Products
and Services
- Provides the services commissioned from ship investment companies
- Conducts all activities to create and protect profits for the investors
- Plans, develops, and manages ship funds (ship investment companies)
- Acquires/charters vessels and finances or issues bonds/stocks
  (Offers and sells stocks)/Manages or sells purchased vessels
  KOMARF handles all business entrusted to their charge under the agreements between Ship Investment Company (Paper company) and related parties such as the ship operating companies, shipyards, financial institutions, custody companies and etc.To sum it up, (refer to 1st clause of Article 24 of the Ship Investment Company Act),
1.Purchase a vessel   2.Lease the vessel   3.Finance or issue bonds
4.Offer stocks   5.Manage or sell the purchased vessel
6.Other tasks designated by an Executive Order from the President.
Korea Marine
Finance Corporation
Korea Marine Finance Corporation (KOMARF)

Doosan Engine

Doosan Engine

Doosan Engine is a strong pillar of the 'Shipbuilding KOREA', who is specialized in building diesel power plants and large marine engines which are a core part of the shipbuilding industry. Doosan's business portfolio includes low and medium speed marine engines between 700~100,000 HP, diesel power plant construction & operation, engine parts sales, and engine maintenance & repair services.

Doosan Engine Company Info
Date of Establishment Dec. 30, 1999 Capital KRW 30 billion
Address 18, Gongdan-ro 21beon-gil, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Contact Numbers Tel : 055) 260-6000 | Fax : 055) 283-7820
Shareholders Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction (51%), Samsung Heavy Industries (32%),DSME (17%)
Major Products
and Services
Low and medium speed diesel engines, diesel power plants, parts and others