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DSME's Subsidiaries, including Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries Ltd.(DMHI) which aims to be a first class shipyard in Europe and DSME Shandong CO., LTD. (DSSC) which produces large vessel blocks and land/offshore infrastructure, spearhead our global network strategy.

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Daewoo-Mangalia Heavy Industries Ltd.(DMHI)


Daewoo-Mangalia Heavy Industries Ltd. (DMHI) was established in 1997 as a joint venture between DSME and the Romanian government. After taking over DMHI, a conversion & repair shipyard, DSME has overhauled the facility, manpower, manufacturing processes and turned around the company successfully to make a profit in 2000, only 4 years after the takeover. DMHI had operated in the black for 3 years in a row as of 2010 and has rapidly grown to be able to build a new vessel with high technology and quality. As named one of the top 10 companies in Romania and recognized as the most successful foreign investment company, it has boosted Korea's national prestige in the country.

Daewoo-Mangalia Heavy Industries Ltd. (DMHI) Company Info
Company Type Limited Company Date of
Jan. 23, 1997
Capital USD 103.9 million
Address 1, Portului Street, 905500, Mangalia City, Romania
Contact Numbers TEL : 40 241 70 62 00 | FAX : 40 241 75 60 60
Capital Contribution
DSME 51%, 2MMS (2 Mai Mangalia Shipyard) 49%
Main Products
and Services
- New vessels up to 120,000 DWT
- Repairing vessels up to 200,000 DWT
- Offshore/Land steel structures
- Manufacturing, assembly and sales of the relative equipment, materials, and parts.
- Relative technology services (including blueprints)
Production Capacity 8 new vessels and 100 repairing vessels per year
Annual Revenue Annual target revenue of USD 555 million
Company Size A. Major Production Facility
- 2 Dry Docks (322´48m, 304 ´48m) for new construction and repair
- 1 Dry Dock (360´60m) for repair
- 2 480 ton Gantry Cranes
- 14 160 ton ~ 12 ton Jib Cranes
- Quay wall approx, 1.6 Km
- Hull building shop and painting shop one each
- Manufacturing support facility including oxygen and acetylene
- Manufacturing equipment including N/C cutting equipment, CO2
  welding machines, and plumbing manufacturing equipment
B. Floor Area : Approx. 1 million ㎥
C. No. of Employees : About 3,200

DSME Shandong CO., LTD. (DSSC)


Established in Bajiao Town, Yantai Economic & Technical Development Zone, under DSME's global network strategy to be the world's best shipbuilding company, DSME SHANDONG CO., LTD. (DSSC) produces blocks and on/offshore infrastructure.

DSME Shandong Co., Ltd. Company Info
Company Type Limited Company Date of
Sept. 13, 2005
Capital USD 79.9 million
Address Bajiao Town, Yantai Economic&Technical Development Zone, Shandong Prov. China, 264006
Contact Numbers TEL : 86-535-308-1002~8 | FAX : 86-535-308-1009
Shareholding DSME 100%
Main Products
and Services
- Research & development, manufacturing, and sales of blocks,
  parts and other related products
- Design, production, and installation of offshore/land plants
- Other related businesses
Production Capacity Annual block production of 300,000 ton
Annual Revenue Annual target revenue of USD 590 million
Company Size A. Major Production Facility
- Cutting: N/C cutting equipment and bending equipment,150,000
  ton per year
- Assembly: Line production system, 800 ton per year
- Painting: Steel pretreatment and painting, 200,000 ton per year
B. Floor Area : 1 million ㎡
C. No. of Employees : 4,300

DSEC Co., Ltd


DSEC is a professional engineering company specialized in designing vessels and offshore plants built by its parent company, DSME. With its home office in Busan, DSEC is preparing to take off as a professional "Global Engineering" company that provides conceptual and basic designs of large-scale offshore plants as well as ships based on its accumulated design expertise. The company has been creating added value services to the business through designing ships and offshore structures on the world stage.

DSEC Co., Ltd. Company Info
Date of
Sept. 13, 2005 Capital KRW 710 million
Address 67, Chungjang-daero 13beon-gil, Jung-gu, Busan, Korea
Contact Numbers TEL : (051) 660-2111~4 | FAX : (051) 660-2199
Shareholding DSME 70.1%
Major Services Design and engineering services for ships, offshore/land plants, and structures

- Commercial ship design
Bulk carriers, LNG and LPG carriers,
Crude oil carriers (VLCC, chemical tanker),
product carriers, shuttle tankers, chemical tankers, container carriers, and designs for all other commercial ships DSME builds.
The major design areas cover hi-tech vessels such as 450,000 ton ULCC, 300,000 ton VLCC, crude oil tankers, LNG carriers and large scale container carriers up to 9,000 TEU, mid-size tankers, luxury liners, multi-purpose car carriers.

- Offshore and specialty vessel design
DSME has detailed design and production design capabilities for offshore platform, FPSO, FPU, and rig.
The company is capable of detailed design and analysis for those structures, plumbing for plant equipment, and electrical wiring design in line with DSME.
 Simulation of optimal module partitions, structures and fittings considering the transportation and installation of large-scale offshore plants enables DSEC to increase productivity and maintain high quality.

- Procurement



DeWind Corporation) is a US-based wind turbine engineering company that DSME acquired as part of its business expansion strategy for sustainable growth. It is an internationally active producer of wind power plants with a product development center in Germany.

DeWind Company Info
Company Type Limited Company Date of
Sept. 4, 2009
Capital USD 70 million
Address 3 Park Plaza Suite1920, Jamboree Center, Irvine, California, 92614, USA
Contact Numbers TEL : 1- 949-250-9491 | FAX : 1- 949-250-9492
Shareholding DSME 100%
Main Products
and Services
- Research & Development, manufacturing, and sales of wind
  generators and parts
- Development and management of wind power plants
- Other related businesses
Production Capacity Annual 500 MW in the North America alone
Annual Revenue Annual target revenue of USD 600 million
Company Size A. USA: Home Office and Sales Subsidiary
- Location: Irvine, California
B. Germany: Engineering Center
- Location: Lubeck
C. Korea: Asia Division
- Location: Seoul
D. Texas wind energy development company in USA
- Total 620 MW

Samwoo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (DSSW)


Located in the Yulchon Industrial Complex of Gwangyang Free Trade Zone, Samwoo produces blocks, hatch covers, propellers and shafts for mid-size vessels, and on/offshore products. With "Trust" and "Passion" as core values, Samwoo strives to be the best partner for our customers.

Samwoo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Company Info
Company Type Limited Company Date of
April 1, 2010
Capital KRW 41.9 billion
Address 111, Yulchonsandan 3-ro, Gwangyang-eup, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Contact Numbers TEL : 061-780-3000
Shareholding DSME 100%
Main Products
and Services
Heavy Industries
- Hatch Cover
- Trance Bulkhead
- Side shell (Bench Block)
- Car Deck
- Container Pedestel

- Fixed Pitch Propeller (FPP)
- Controllable Pitch Propeller CPP)
- Shaft Machining
- Contact test
- Stern Propulsion System

Welliv, Ltd.


Wellive is a total management service company who provides Catering, Resting place, Hotel, customer support, distribution, housing management services, security business, landscaping, and quarantine for the parent company, DSME, with people's happiness at the heart of our business. The company's home office is located in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do and operates in three business divisions, F&C, Hotel and Development, and Training, to provide world-class services that fully meet the needs of our customers. As a global top total management service company, Wellive is committed to provide our customers better and more comfortable living.

Welliv, Ltd. Company Info
Date of
Feb. 1, 2005 Capital KRW 6 billion
Address 78, Seogando-gil, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Contact Numbers TEL : (055) 689-0100
Shareholding DSME 100%
Major Services Catering, Resting place, Hotel, distribution, housing management, customer support, facility maintenance, security (facility, equipment), landscaping, and quarantine service

DSME Construction


DSME Construction is a high-tech construction company established in an effort to expand DSME's physical presence abroad as part of its global network strategy, a mid to long term grow strategy. Since founded in 1969, it has made aggressive efforts to introduce advanced technology. The company has unparalleled technological expertise such as the TBM tunnel excavation technology that it introduced the first time in the industry to extend the excavation by 50㎞. Based its ceaseless development of technology, the company boasts extensive and superior experiences in areas of construction in subways, roads, and harbors. In cooperation with its parent company, DSME, the company will expand to the offshore construction business and spearhead building the shipbuilding and marine bases in every part of the world through advanced construction technology and scientific management.

DSME Construction Company Info
Date of
KRW 35 billion Capital KRW 35 billion
Address ELCRU BLD, 636, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Contact Numbers TEL : 02)750-8000 | FAX 02)750-8002
Shareholding DSME 95.06%
Major Services - Civil engineering and construction
- Residential construction
- Overseas construction
- Electrical construction
- Electrical communication construction
- Paving construction
- Hygiene, heating and firefighting equipment construction
Major Projects [Civil Engineering]
- Electrical and communication conduits, tunnels
- Railway, port, subway
- National highway, local road, expressway
- Property development
- Community housing (apartments, villas)
- Commercial property, officetel
- School, subway station
- Research institute, industrial facility

Shinhan Machinery Co., Ltd.


Shinhan Machinery, a subsidiary of DSME who is one of the world's top shipbuilders, is the world's largest living quarter module maker for offshore facilities and topside production platforms. Established in 1990, the company has the best technology and know-how in offshore living quarters and modules accumulated through extensive experience of building blocks for vessels. Shinhan Machinery believes in giving back to society and growing with local communities, and is committed to becoming the leader in the living quarter and module area in cooperation with its parent company, DSME.

Shinhan Machinery Co., Ltd. Company Info
Date of
Sept. 1, 1990 Capital KRW 7.7 billion
Address 35, Ubong-gil, Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea
Contact Numbers TEL : 052)240-5000 | FAX : 052)240-5041
Shareholding DSME 89.2%
Major Services - Manufacturing and sales of ship steel fittings
- Manufacturing and sales of vessel rudder
- Manufacturing and sales of steel structures
- Manufacturing and sales of special equipment
- Environmental equipment
- Devices and materials manufacturing
- Industrial equipment construction
- Electrical construction
- Commercial ship/offshore block manufacturing
Major Projects [Shipbuilding]
- Engine casing
- Funnel
- Bow & Stern block
- Engine Room block
- Rudder
- Living Quarter
- Pontoon & Column
- E & I Building
- Module
- Industrial machinery
- Environmental facilities
- Iron & steel manufacturing facilities



DSME TRENTON is a manufacturing outpost for DSME's wind power business in the North America established as a joint venture with the government of Nova Scotia, Canada. Based on its geological and competitive advantages backed by the state government's investment, the company has started manufacturing wind power towers as well as blades, targeting the North American and Eastern Canadian markets.

Company Type Limited Company Date of Establishment July 13, 2010
Equity Capital 40 million CAD (Canadian dollar)
Address 34 Power Plant Road, Trenton, Nova Scotia, Canada B0K 1X0
Contact Numbers TEL : 1- 902-753-7777 | FAX : 1- 902-753-7700
Shareholding DSME 51%, Nova Scotia State Government 49%
Main Products - Wind generator towers
- Wind generator blades
- Other related business
Production Capacity - 150 wind generator towers per year
- 10 wind generator blade sets per year
Annual Revenue Annual revenue goal of 67.5 million CAD (Canadian dollar)
Company Size A. Major Production Facility
- Cutting: Two plasma cutters (3000mm*70T)
- Roll Forming: Two 4-roll benders (75T) and one 3-roll bender (75T)
- Welding: Lincoln power source (2000A) + Turning roller (100 ton)
- Painting: Two blast booths (36m(L) * 7m(B) * 7m(H))
- Three paint booths (36m(L) * 7m(B) * 7m(H))
B. Area: 37,000㎡
C. No. of Employees: 140