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CEO Message

Let's build our future together. Jaeho Ko CEO
  • DSME has positioned itself as the world's top ship builder.

    Welcome to DSME. I'm Jaeho Ko, CEO of DSME.

    Thank you for visiting our website.

       For the past 4 decades, we have grown to become the world's top shipbuilding and offshore company. Geoje Okpo, once a small fishing village, created the "Okpo Bay's Miracle" with 12 billion dollars generated in exports annually. What made the miracle possible was our fearless spirit and counter-intuitive ideas breaking the norm and conventional wisdom, through which DSME has positioned itself as the world's top ship builder.
  • The best prepared and qualified company to lead a new age of exploration

       I'd like to underline the fact that DSME has created a legacy in human history in relation with the ocean. In all major events in human history, there was always a ship. When Columbus discovered the new continent in 1492, the Santa Maria was there. During the Japanese Invasion in 1592, Admiral Yi Sun-shin was on the Turtle Ship, the world's first ironclad vessel. The history of America began with the Mayflower in 1620. As long as there are oceans, I'm sure that ships will always be there and so will the shipbuilding industry and DSME.

    While the 15th century led the humankind to the age of exploration, this century is leading us to a new age of exploration where the ocean is considered a new land. I'd like to say that DSME is one of the companies that is best prepared for a new era of exploration. DSME knows best why the oceans are a vital interest for the humankind, what is needed, and how to better serve them.

       Future opportunities the oceans present to us are virtually unlimited. As you know well, the largest living land animal is the elephant. The elephant boasts a body as big as 7 m with a massive weight of about 7 tons. But let's turn our focus to the ocean. The blue whale rules the ocean with the body of 33 m long and weight of about 179 tons. The world is now dominated by large global companies focusing on the land with annual revenues exceeding several billion dollars. DSME, which focuses on the oceans, may not rival them in size and may be a size of a dolphin at the moment. But I can assure you that we will grow into a company as big as a blue whale some day and will be standing tall, leading a new age of exploration.
  • Set out to become the world's top Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company

       We are not settled for just being the world's top shipbuilding and offshore company. We set out to become the world's top shipbuilder for Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts as well. We are continuously evolving while making concerted efforts to achieve the goal.

       Your continued support and interest will be a great source of strength for us to realize our vision of becoming the world leader in ocean technology.

       The blue whale (the prince of the ocean), DSME's symbol, will be with Korea on its journey to become the top maritime country. Join us on the journey and check out the future right here at our website.

    Thank you.