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Core Value


DSME Corporate Culture Video
[Tap Dance]

To help understanding the complex definition of the corporate culture, the Tap Dance Routine was used in the images and flash animations to depict the DSME people living in lively music and natural surroundings.

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We at DSME intend to gain your trust in us through information sharing, transparent management. Moreover, having respect for each other and each other’s individual rights we aim to win clients’ confidence.

DSME expresses trust in the following ways;
Transparent Management,
Mutual Respect,
Information Sharing,
Respect for Workers’ Rights,
Honesty Harmony between Labor and Management
  • Following standards and principles

    - Keeping promises no matter how trivial they might be.
    - Thoroughly completing tasks at hand.
    - Recognizing each other’s responsibility, talent and point of view.
    - Having a symbiotic working relationship.
  • Keeping promises to clients

    - Impressing clients involves exerting utmost devotion and conviction into every product as
    well as meeting quality standards and deadlines.
    - Discovering clients’ needs can be accomplished by obtaining an opening line of
    communication with clients.
    - Relating to customers can be done easily when information is readily accessible to them.
  • Taking the initiative

    - Taking the initiative refers to a challenging task that is avoided by others.
    - Taking decisive actions has to do with accomplishing tasks with sound and logical
    - Disseminating useful information to others is also an important part of an organizational
    - Providing social services to local community is a crucial part in company-community
Passion symbolizes the energy that resides in every DSME’s employee. Passion at work can be described as a symbol of one’s conviction to achieve a personal goal in a corporate society. Everyone possesses passion in one-way or another. However, unexpressed passion cannot be said to be worthy. Most often passion is an individually produced commodity. On the other hand, we at DSME feel that it can also be contagious.

DSME expresses passion in the following ways;
- Finishing given tasks with perseverance and tenacity.
- Taking on an ownership mentality to fulfill daily responsibilities.
- Aiming toward innovation and transformation of the organization.
- Challenging one’s limit to achieve personal gratification toward one’s
  • Carrying out duties with
    Enthusiasm and patience

    - Not being afraid of failure while prioritizing tasks at hand.
    - Adopting a positive attitude toward work as well as taking on an ownership mentality.
    - Following thorough and executing given functions.
  • Adopting a pioneering spirit

    - Challenging crises with conviction and tenacity
    - Solving problems with wisdom and acumen
    - Constantly searching to improve efficiency
  • Constantly seeking out knowledge

    - Aiming to achieve corporate objectives by focusing on learning new skills.
    - Upgrading work related skills and participating in sharing useful information.
    - Formulating a plan to anticipate for adverse situations.