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Company Overview

The World's Premium
Shipbuilding and Offshore Company

DSME's vessels are highly appreciated for their finest quality in the world's shipbuilding market where established major players in the world economy such as Europe and America compete.

Satisfied with superior technology, on-time delivery and dedicated people who spare no effort to meet customer's needs, major oil producers come back with follow-up orders once having ordered large-scale offshore platforms from DSME.

3 employees and the side view of a large vessel on the sea

Started in 1973 at Okpo Bay, Geoje Island, located on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, the shipyard of DSME was completed in 1981. DSME has since grown into the world's premium shipbuilding and offshore contractor who is specialized in building various vessels, offshore platforms, drilling rigs, FPSO/FPUs, submarines, and destroyers.
The shipyard which spans an area of 4.3 million meters squared encompasses the world's largest dock with a million-ton capacity and is optimized for building high-tech motor vessels using cutting-edge equipment, including a 900-ton goliath crane.
DSME manufactures high-quality products based on its vast IT expertise, well-managed shipbuilding technologies, superb fixed-platform construction capacities, large-scale project management know-how, and submarine/destroyer construction technologies.

Since reborn as an independent company in October 2000, DSME has been creating a corporate culture on the core values of Trust and Passion.
DSME defines "trust" as building partnerships and confidence with colleagues and within the organization through mutual respect and consideration, winning customer loyalty by honesty and promise-keeping, and strengthening trust between the employees and the company through transparent management.
DSME defines "passion" as completing each task with determination and persistence, being responsible for one's actions with a sense of ownership, seeking continuous improvement for higher values instead of being complacent, and spreading the wings of self-actualization.

DSME has accomplished a lot in a short period of time as follows since it became an independent company

  • - Recorded at A1 rating on its CP, the highest rating available
      for a shipbuilder Korea Ratings Corporation
  • - Recognized for its excellent transparent management in the
      shipbuilding industry Five economic organizations
  • - Won the award for Excellent Transparent Management at the
      5th Korea Ethical Management Grand Prix. Joint Award by New Industry
    Management Academy/Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy/The Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry/ The Korea Economic Daily
  • - Named top investment candidate among the domestic
      shipbuilding industry Maeil Business Newspaper
  • - Selected as a Company of Excellent Governance Korea Corporate Governance Service
  • - Awarded Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit. 1992/ 1998/ 2003/ 2007
  • - Holds the top worldwide market share position for LNG
      carrier building.
  • - Large LNG carriers awarded the Presidential Award in the
      Korea IT Innovation Awards
  • - LGN-RV was selected as one of the top ten new
      technologies in Korea; LNG carriers,
      VLCC, car carriers, ultra-large container ships, Semi-
      Submersible Drilling Rig, as "Korea's top ten products" Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy,
    Samsung Economic Research Institute
  • - Named the workplace with the best health and safety
      practices in the shipbuilding industry Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • - Awarded the Best Taxpayer Prize Gyeongnam provincial office
  • - Awarded Grand Prize in the Labor-Management Cooperation
      Awards Korea Employers Federation
  • - Awarded the Presidential Award in the '2008 Korea IT
      Innovation Awards Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • - Awarded Top Class Company CEO Prize Korean Corporation Management Association
  • - Won 10 billion dollar Export Tower The 46th Trade Day

Also, DSME became the first shipbuilder to deploy the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to secure transparent management, and it has established a process innovation system that increases management efficiency while eliminating waste through faster decision making.

DSME Company Info
Company Name Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment October 11,1973 CEO Jaeho Ko
Head Office 125, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel. 02-2129-0114, Fax. 02-756-4390
Shipyard 3370, Geoje-daero, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea Tel. 055-735-2114
Subsidiaries DSEC: Busan, Korea
FLC: Gyeonggi-do, Korea
WELLIV: Geoje, Korea
DSSW: SAMWOO HEAVY INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd., Jeonranam-do, Korea
SHINHAN Machinery: Ulsan, Korea
DMHI: Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries, Romania
DSSC: DSME Shandong Co., Ltd., China)
DEWIND: California, USA
DSME Oman: Duqm, Oman
DSME TRENTON: Halifax, Canada
KLDS Maritime: Panama
DK Maritime: Panama
Revenue Over KRW 15 trillion (Plan for 2014) Yard 4 million square meters
Employees 30,000 (including affiliates)
Major Products Commercial Vessels Tankers, container carriers, bulk carriers, ore carriers,
LNG & LPG carriers, roll-on roll-off carriers, chemical carriers,
product carriers, passenger ferries, and other vessels
Specialty Vessels Submarines, destroyers, battle ships, submarine rescue vessels, AUV, and other specialty vessels
Offshore & Onshore Plants Fixed platforms, RIGs, and FPSO/FPU/FSOs for offshore oil and gas exploration & production
Onshore plants such as chemical plants, seawater treatment plants, power plants; Industrial facilities such as off-loading facilities; Steel structures such as steel bridges and steel cages