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제목 DSME’s New Technology 관리자 2013.05.06

DSME Style ‘Iron Man’ – Wearable Robot

DSME has invented an electric and hydraulic wearable robot and held a trial performance on 1st April in the Seoul office.


The wearable robot can be worn over the body like clothing and is able to increase muscular strength to follow a person’s movement and allow people to easily lift over 30kg in weight. Therefore, this wearable robot will help DSME employees who carry heavy material and reduce the number of musculoskeletal disorders affecting workers.


DSME will increase the wearable robot’s performance so that it can lift up 40 kg of weight and plans to finish the development for use in Okpo shipyard by next year.


Freeze! Pirates - DAPS

DSME launched its new pirate alert system ‘DSME Anti-Piracy System(DAPS). This system has adopted a high level of technology and DSME’s independent technical skills were utilized.


DAPS is a total ship security system for the purpose of recognizing and eradicating piracy. By using the ship’s radar signal, the DAPS is able to analyze image information. This system automatically judges suspected targets based on the analyzed information.


If suspected pirate ships approaches, DAPS will warn the target through a high output speaker and sound an alert on the ship. If the pirate comes closer, a sound cannon or water cannon will be used to incapacitate the pirate.