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A subsidiary of DSME's is operating the service business. The total management service company provides various service incidental to the life and culture business including food, rest areas, dining, business support, hotel, facility repair & maintenance, travel, and security services with people's happiness at the heart of its business.

Food Service

Company cafeteria Large-scale institutional food service for 60,000 meals a day
Including DSME's employee cafeteria which provides Korea's largest institutional food service, the company provides 60,000 meals a day to many companies, hospitals and training centers in Geoje, Ulsan, Changwon, Busan and Seoul

Dining Service

Rest areas on the North and South bounds on Geoga Bridge route. Rest areas on the North and South bounds on Geoga Bridge route
With years of experience and know-how as a total service management company, the company has taken the rest areas up a notch to the 'luxury' rest areas with upgraded facilities and service on the north and south bound on Geoga Bridge route which is the world’s deepest immersed roadway tunnel

Rest Area Service


Cafe, 'THINK THANK' and Chinese restaurant, 'WELL CHINA'
A cafe, 'THINK THANK,' provides a relaxing space where customers appreciate life through sincere conversations and offers a photo paper cup service (personalized paper cups) to put its management philosophy of 'Think Future and Thank Nature' into practice. Also, the Chinese restaurant, Well China, offers differentiated dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients by professionals with top service

Business Support Service

One Stop Total Service One-stop total service for ship owners and their employees
The company provides one-stop total service such as immigration support for successful project completion, transportation, manpower, office management, housing and living support

Travel Service

Welliv Tour front view No. 1 in total number of foreign visitors served in Gyeongsangnam-do
With 129 various types of rooms and other amenities that provide comfort and relaxation, the company serves local and foreign visitors with differentiated customer service

Photo 1: Wellive Tour signboard, Photo 2: Inside Wellive Tour, Photo 3 Entrance of Wellive Tour

Wellive Tour, a travel agency specialized in business trips
The company provides travel services for all business related trips including employee overseas trainings, workshops, and business trips as well as family vacations, weekend trips, and honeymoon trips

Security Service

DSPOL provides safety and security services for apartment buildings, residences, commercial buildings, and offices, and protects the life and property of the customers with quick response and unmatched attention to detai

Transportation Service

Transportation service Safe and convenient vehicle support
The company goes the extra mile and always listens to the customers to provide safe and convenient transportation service