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With the largest facility (102,500 m2) in the distribution complex at the north container dock in new Busan Harbor, DSME provides a one-stop service for all incidental operations including shipbuilding material total distribution service, value-added parts distribution service for Renault Samsung Motors, packaging service for export/import of various bulk cargo, transportation of shipbuilding equipment from/to overseas shipyards, overland transportation, and custom clearance.

Value-added 3PL Distribution

Photo 1: Inside a warehouse, Photo 2: Products being packaged, Photo 3: Products in the final production stage In addition to B2B distribution, DSME is expanding to B2C. In April 2010, U.S. based Access Business Group (ABG), the producer and distributor of Amway's products, opened its Asian distribution hub. It is a new kind of distribution center that creates value by conducting production processes such as assembling partially manufactured products, product labeling, and repackaging, advanced from the conventional warehouse concept of distribution center that is stocked with imported products to be redistributed

Current Status of Overseas Shipbuilding Material Shipping

DSME has a strong customer basis in many countries where the company leads the equipment/materials shipping and distribution industry for offshore plants projects and shipbuilding which is one of the company's core businesses.

BIDC, DMHI (Shipbuilding supplies procurement), Zhambyl (Offshore Structure Supplies Procurement), ZVEZDA (Shipbuilding Supplies Procurement), NASSCO (Shipbuilding Supplies Procurement), Japan (Steel Marine Transportation), DSSC (Shipbuilding Supplies Procurement), Angola (Offshore Structure Supplies Procurement)

They are: DMHI in Mangalia, Romania, DSSC in Shandong, China, the Zhambyl Project in Kazakhstan, the CLOV Project in Angola, Nippon Steel Transportation Co., ZVEZDA-DSME shipyard in Vladivostok, Russia, and NASSCO shipyard in San Diego, U.S.A.

Photo 1: Inside a supply warehouse, Photo 2: Outside a supply warehouse, Photo 3: A semi-truck loaded with supplies, Photo 4: Rear view of a semi-truck, Photo 5: An internal driveway of a supply warehouse