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Product Introduction

DSME looks to wind energy as the driving force behind the future growth with a goal to be the world's best heavy industries group by 2020.

DSME is committed to contribute to the local economic development by creating jobs through the wind power business. Furthermore, we will continuously grow as an eco-friendly company who is responsible for leaving a clean, healthy and stable environment to the next generation.

Offshore Wind Generator - DSME 7.0MW

DSME 7.0MW side view closeup
DSME 7.0MW distant side view
DSME 7.0MW side view closeup


  • Class IEC IA
  • Capacity 7.0 MW
  • Rotor diameter 160 m
  • Hub heights 106 m
  • Drive-train - 2-Stage Gearbox
    - PMSG
    - Full Scale Power Converterr
  • DSME 7.0MW side view closeup
  • DSME 7.0MW distant side view

Offshore Wind Generator that Surprised the World

As an offshore wind generator is a complex system where its components interact, many factors should be also considered in designing a turbine such as wind and other natural conditions, new technology applications, and market requirements as well as the components and manufacturing technology. The engineers at DSME with years of experience and technology design a robust large-scale offshore wind generator that endures all weather conditions with the least amount of structure load to provide protection, maximum amount of electricity in any given situation, electrical and mechanical control, and the least amount of maintenance during the service life.