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Wind Power

DSME looks to wind energy as the driving force behind the future growth with a goal to be the world's best heavy industries group by 2020 .

Wind power, an environmentally friendly energy development business using a clean source to generate electricity, is essential for sustainable growth. DSME is committed to contribute to the local economic development by creating jobs through the wind power business. Furthermore, we will continuously grow as an eco-friendly company who is responsible for leaving a clean, healthy and stable environment to the next generation.

Onshore Wind Power Business

In September 2009, DSME established a bridge-head for the North American and European market by acquiring DeWind Corporation, US-based wind turbine engineering company who has a research center in Germany. With D9.1 and D9.2 in full operation, DSME is under development a next-generation 3MW onshore power generator in accordance with the latest trend towards larger generators

Wind Generator Installation Records

Including the major products D8.2 /D9.1/D9.2, DSME has installed over 850 generators in 15 countries over the world boasting its outstanding technology. (As of Nov. 2011)

D8.2 , D9.1 , D9.2

Offshore Wind Power Business

DSME has been applying technical expertise in shipbuilding and marine engineering to the development of major parts such as blades, bearing, gearboxes, generators, towers and control system for wind generator. The technical superiority achieved from experiences in various offshore environments such as the North Sea and the Mexico Bay creates synergy effects and gives the company an lead in the offshore wind power area that requires deep-sea installation similarly to the offshore plants.