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DSME has been expanding beyond the ocean to other plants that supply electricity, water, and resources to live up to its name as a total global heavy industries group with a goal to provide affluent life and clean environment to mankind.

Based on the proven offshore technologies, the company offers total solutions that include various social infrastructure and state-of-the-art technologies for Barge Mounted Power Plant (BMPP), onshore, nuclear and even petrochemical plants. In particular, the company is leading the world in clean energy development with differentiated technology that integrates Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS).


DSME standard 100MW BMPP with CCS

Floating Power Plant and New Generation Energy,
DSME Style

DSME has been breaking into a new market with differentiated technology developed in-house. With long experience and know-how in the shipbuilding and offshore plant building, it has built the DSME style 100MW barge mounted power plant (BMPP) for a Norwegian company, Sargas.
BMPP is a floating power plant installed on a deck barge which enables stable power delivery to anywhere in the world accessible by sea or river, no matter how harsh the environment.
Compared to other conventional onshore power plants, the BMPPs which have various power generation facilities on a deck barge can minimize the installation and test costs by reducing the overall construction time from contract to delivery, manpower and work needed on site. Moreover, when combined with the Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) technology, they provide an environmentally friendly power plant and the flexibility to adapt to future environment requirements.
DSME is always ready to deliver customized superior power plants which ensure both eco-friendliness and safety to anywhere in the world our clients want them to be installed.

Khanom 75MW Oil-fired BMPP Based on its integrated production capabilities, DSME has built outstanding power generation facilities with high storage efficiency and energy generation facilities.
The Khanom 75MW Oil-fired BMPP recently built by the company is in full operation.