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Immigration Procedure

Following is to assist owners in the arrangement of Entry Visa formalities before he dispatches his supervisors to our shipyard. Concurrently it will help lessen any possible inconveniences. According to Korean immigration laws, all foreigners who wish to enter Korea shall obtain appropriate Visa prior to entry. Therefore, if someone violates the laws, he/she could be expelled with a heavy fine.
It is illegal for foreigners to work in Korea with B1 or B2 Visa.

Handing over a passport

Classification of Visas

Visa category information
Period Class Qualification Status of Sojourn & Scope of activity
Long Term D-7 Residence Status of Sojourn & Scope of activity
(over 1year) D-7 Trading & Management Dispatched Representatives of Foreign Government or Company Etc.
  D-7 Technical Guidance Shipbuilding Supervisors, Engineers for Repair Etc.
  D-7 Specific Activity Shipbuilding Supervisors, Engineers forRepair Etc.
  D-7 Accompany Working with Contract with KoreanOrganization
Short Term D-7 Short term Business Family of the Visa holder
(Within 90days) D-7 Short term Non-Business Business transactions for contract & Consultation Etc.
  D-7 No Visa Sightseeing, Attending Conference, Art & Cultural Events Etc.
  D-7 $nbsp; Sightseeing or Transit for short time

- An alien who intends to stay long must obtain Long-term Visa such as D-9, D-7, F-3 before entry into Korea from Korean Embassy /
Consulate in his country. ( Except E-4, E-7)

Immigration Offices

Immigration office information
Offices Phone
Gimpo 02-2664-6202
Gimhae 051-979-1321~5
Busan 051-461-3030~4
Masan 055-222-9272~5
Jang-seung-po 055-681-2433
Ulsan 052-261-7545
Incheon 032-890-6300
Seoul 02-2650-6212~4